"The book relays the emotion of both men and women it's not one sided. Anybody and everybody can relate
and feel the pain of Gisele." Noel Vega

S. Rudolph ***** A Lesson when you least expect it.
A Blessing! This is a story filled with love, understanding, selfishness, and God's watchful eye. You have two
young college student's who are 'in love' and do not fully understand the ramifications of what love is and
being in a relationship means. For those who have experienced 'love/being in love' , this is your story told
through a young, intelligent, and loving young woman. Many have fallen prey to love, and deaf to the voice of
God. What dirt you have done, will indeed come out in the wash. Come share the journey with Gisele and
Ashton as they experience love in a way they never knew existed.

Belinda ***** Magnificent
The book is better than I could ever imagine. Every page you turn makes you want to read more and more.
This book will make you take another look at your own relationship. It is truly a life long lesson. You should
never put all your trust into anyone person except the man up above. If you have not read this one you should
run out to go get it now! Congratulations Erica Perry you are on your way and I can't wait for part 2.

D. Glenn Life Long Lessons *****
I loved this book and I don't even read books. It had me say ooooh and ooooo. Man it's midnight and I have to
go to work in the morning but I could not put it down.

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Gisele Jennings is having the time of her life at Prairie View A&M University, with her new boyfriend Ashton
Lawrence Jr. Their love is flying high through chaotic winds. Only fate could have lead her to a love so great.
He is the man of her dreams, and answer to all her prayers. So she thinks. He is a music major, and a
ladies-by-the-dozen minor. Yet, he worships the ground she walks on. In any case, they are destined to
make great music or hit a sour note. Excelling for greatness, success, and following their dreams will not be
an easy task for the lovely couple to prevail. By which there will be many mountains, endless hills to climb,
oceans to cross, prevalent lies, deceit, and deception to decipher. At which instant will the overall pressures
of life, lust, love, and TERMS OF ENDEARMENT come to pass? Who will be left standing? When all is said
and done, one will learn the precise meaning of ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR. While the other
metamorphisizes into the devil's advocate spreading the world with turmoil, aggression, enmity, and
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